Kate Middleton is going viral on TikTok for doing the 'princess shuffle'

TikTok is the home of the viral video, and almost anything can make it big, be it a dog named Bagel causing chaos by chasing after a swan to that feta and tomato pasta recipe that we will! never! stop! eating! But, one viral video we definitely didn't have on our 2023 bingo card features none other than Kate Middleton.

Yep, the royal has this week found herself doing the rounds on TikTok, and it's all to do with what fans have dubbed the 'princess shuffle'.

In the clip, filmed in 2022 but posted to the streaming platform by a fan this week, the Princess of Wales can be seen subtly moving closer to Denmark's Queen Margrethe for a photo opportunity – and it's exactly this move that has sent fans into a spin.

"The princess shuffle! I love everything about this," one royal fan commented under the viral clip, which shows Kate quite literally shuffling next to the Danish royal. "This will never not be funny to me," another person commented, as someone else said: "That's a neat trick! Years of practice!"

Elsewhere, other fans questioned why Kate opted to move in such a way, with others giving their thoughts on the decision. "Why not just step over though?" one person asked, as someone else agreed: "This is less discreet and less smooth than just taking that tiny step over."

"It may be that many photos were being taken and she was trying to avoid a pic of her legs [being] separate," one person said in response, as another suggested: "I feel like it’s so she doesn’t look weird scooting in one big leap in case they photograph every second."

Erm, we wonder if Kate will put her princess shuffle into action at next week's coronation...

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