Kate Middleton and Prince William sharing nappy duty and bathing Prince George together: The hilarious spoof shoot of the young royals at home

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Kate Middleton and Prince William sharing nappy duty and bathing Prince George together: The hilarious spoof shoot of the young royals at home

All eyes will be on the christening of Prince George this week.

But until then, a glimpse of how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are adapting to their new roles as parents should sate the appetites of royal fans.

In what can only be described as a VERY intimate look into Kate Middleton and Prince William's new lives, the royal couple are seen bathing the young Prince.

All squeezed into the bath tub together, the young family show off their hands-on approach to parenting as they play with the wide-eyed Prince - with Kate affectionately blowing bubbles in his direction.

William looks keen for his son to adopt some of the same hobbies as him too, as he's seen whizzing a toy helicopter around little Prince George as they play in the bath.

But before anyone panics that this is a little too much of the royal family than they want to see, then look a little closer - as it's just Kate and William's lookalikes at it again, this time with their newborn in tow.

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The latest spoof photoshoot sees the family firmly getting to grips with their tot; sharing nappy changing duties, putting George to bed and preparing the night-time feed.

Hilariously the Queen is even in on the shoot, as her doppelganger is seen sharing some words of wisdom with Prince William as he tries to settle the young Prince.

However it looks she's been keen to keep her distance and let the new family find their own way, as she sits and does the crossword while Kate breastfeeds beside her.

Rather impressively, both Kate and Wills are showing no signs of feeling the effects of tiredness that plague many new parents - which could be the first giveaway this is of course all a spoof.

And despite the pair being dead-ringers for the real Duke and Duchess - Kate's even spied in that Topshop polka dot dress she famously donned during her pregnancy - there are a few other giveaways too.

In one shot, Prince William is seen looking as though he's about to try some of Kate's breast milk for himself (!), while in another he's seen wearing a contraption that would allow HIM to breastfeed George.

The hilarious spoof photoshoot is the work of Alison Jackson, who is famed for her hilarious look into the imagined lives of the Royal Family.

For more details on Alison Jackson and her work, please visit www.alisonjackson.com. More information can also be found at https://twitter.com/alisonjackson and http://www.facebook.com/AlisonJacksonOnline.

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