Kate Mara opens up about "horrendous experiences" while filming Fantastic Four

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Photo credit: Michael Tran - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Tran - Getty Images

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House of Cards star Kate Mara has spoken about suffering "horrendous experiences" while filming the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015, describing the issue as "a power dynamic thing."

Speaking to Emmy Magazine Kate Mara, who rose to fame playing Zoe Barnes on political drama House of Cards, opened up about what she described as a "horrible experience" filming Marvel's 2015 Fantastic Four reboot.

"I had a horrible experience on Fantastic Four," she said. "I've never talked about it before. I married one of my costars [Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell], so I don't regret doing that movie at all . But do I wish I had responded differently to certain things? Yes, definitely."

Mara told the magazine that she had a similarly negative experience on another film set, but didn't reveal which film this was.

"The fact of the matter is that my two horrendous experiences with directors were male directors," she explained. "Have I not gotten along with a female director? Absolutely. And was it not the greatest work experience? Sure. But there was never a time that I felt, 'This is happening because I'm a woman.' Where with the male directors, it 100 percent was only happening with me; it was a power dynamic thing.

"And on both of my bad experiences, the movies were 95 percent men and I was the only woman in the movie."

Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images

Fantastic Four, which starred Mara alongside Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan and Tony Kebbell, was tanked by critics and proved not to be a commercial success, with numerous outlets writing analytical pieces about why the film flopped. The film's director director Josh Trank was also at the centre of claims surrounding issues on set, with reports alleging that Mara was left in tears after a conversation with him. Trank responded to these claims saying that they were "either blatant mistruths or extreme exaggerations to the point of satire."

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

Cosmopolitan UK has reached to Josh Trank's representatives for comment.

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