Kate Hudson reveals the unexpected way that Goldie Hawn shaped her career

Kate Hudson has had quite a legendary career, one that stands out even when placed against those of other members of her family.

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The actress comes from a full clan of performers, including Hollywood icon parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, plus fellow acting siblings Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell.

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In a new Hot Ones interview, the Glass Onion star opened up about how her mom was the one who got her into performing in a very unexpected way.

Host Sean Evans asked Kate about working an apprenticeship at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts and how that influenced her career.

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But it was actually her mom Goldie who got her there, as she responded: "I was still in high school.

"And my mom was like 'You're too boy crazy. I'm shipping you off to Williamstown Theater Festival.'...It was that age where all you wanted to do was be with your friends."

Kate talked about how her mom shaped her career

She continued her complaint, adding: "I loved working on my craft, but that was dedicated for the school year, this is my summer."

The mom-of-three then went on to commend Goldie for her foresight, saying: "My mom had actually given me my independence as a young artist and discovering what that is. That was just the greatest experience of my teenage life."

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When Sean even stated: "Your mom was right," Kate affirmed that with an enthusiastic: "She was SO right!"

The two even got to discussing her very beginning on stage, with the actress sharing that her first ever on-stage production was one of Alice in Wonderland, where she played Alice.

Goldie definitely had her thoughts on her daughter's stage debut

"And I do remember my mom saying she has never seen anything bigger in her life than that little Alice," she added with a laugh. "I led with my chest. She said 'It was all chest.'"

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