Kate Garraway says it would be a "dream" to be able to see her husband at Christmas

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Photo credit: Neil Mockford
Photo credit: Neil Mockford

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Kate Garraway has said that her "dream" this Christmas is to be able to see husband Derek in some form as he remains in hospital after suffering complications as a result of Covid 19.

Derek Draper is now Covid-free after being hospitalised with the virus in March, but it has now been said the 53-year-old is one of an estimated five people in the world to have been affected so badly by coronavirus but still be alive.

The presenter was back on Good Morning Britain alongside Ben Shephard today (17 December) as she discussed the "practical challenges" she faces to be able to see Derek at Christmas. The couple have two children together - Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11.

"My dream is for the kids and I to see Derek on Christmas Day in some way," Kate told viewers. "The practical challenges of that is that we have to keep really safe to be able to visit him and isolate. Also there's the question if we're doing that, can we have mum and dad there. I want to avoid - if possible - just Darcey, Billy and us on Christmas day...

"I think that would make Derek's absence feel huge and the rest of the family's absence feel huge. But it's quite a difficult balance to work it all out..."

It's a daunting challenge that many families across the UK are currently facing.

Photo credit: Can Nguyen/Shutterstock
Photo credit: Can Nguyen/Shutterstock

Kate recently updated viewers on Derek's condition, revealing he was speak his first word in a "heartbreaking" yet miraculous "breakthrough".

In another positive step, Derek has also had his tracheotomy removed, so he's largely breathing on his own now.

Kate added that she hopes it's the beginning of a recovery, before reminding others that if you are "unlucky to get it like someone like Derek, even though he has been virus free for months, the potential for long term misery is huge".

We're sending Kate and her family lots of love.

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