Kate Garraway Says Donald Trump Is 'Lucky' To Benefit From Covid-19 Treatments Her Husband Didn’t Have Access To

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Kate Garraway has criticised Donald Trump for his decision to leave hospital for a drive-by, describing his actions as “bewildering”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter’s husband Derek Draper, 53, remains in hospital after he was admitted with Covid-19 in March.

On Sunday, the US president, who is being treated for coronavirus, left the Walter Reed Medical Centre to stage a a drive-by for his supporters, accompanied by masked secret service agents in a “surprise visit”.

Kate Garraway and Donald Trump (Photo: ITV/PA)
Kate Garraway and Donald Trump (Photo: ITV/PA)

“It’s just extraordinary, it’s bewildering,” Kate said on the ITV show.

She said that her children are not allowed to visit their father in hospital, even though he no longer has the virus.

“And there are children who have died, with their mums and dads not being allowed to see them, so why does he think it’s more important for him to get into that car?” she asked.

“If he showed that he was respecting the people around him and respecting the isolation that would have been a heroic message and that would have absolutely benefited the country.”

The TV host added that the president was benefitting from treatments that were unavailable to her husband when he contracted Covid back in March.

“It makes you think he still doesn’t know (about Covid)”, Kate said. “He’s having all sorts of treatments which people who got sick in March, April, May, June didn’t have access to.

“So he’s lucky that he’s built on the learnings of people like Derek.”

Kate’s husband remains seriously ill in an induced coma.

In a video posted before the car journey, the US president said he had “learned a lot about Covid”.

“I learned it by really going to school,” Trump said. “This is the real school. This isn’t the ‘let’s read the books’ school. And I get it, and I understand it. And it’s a very interesting thing.”

Piers Morgan also blasted the president for temporarily leaving hospital to stage his drive-by.

Kate’s Good Morning Britain co-presenter branded Trump’s stunt “utterly ridiculous” and accused him of endangering others after he briefly left the Walter Reed Medical Centre.


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