Kate Bosworth is revealed as the star of Topshop’s Christmas campaign

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4 December 2012

After days of teasing tweets, Kate Bosworth has been revealed as the face and voice of Topshop’s first ever Christmas campaign.

The actress stars in a short film, in which she sings her own rendition of the festive song Winter Wonderland.

Wearing a bespoke Topshop evening dress that she co-designed, Kate sings standing on top of a grand piano. The mini-movie was directed by her fiancé Michael Polish and is inspired by the famous piano scene with Michelle Pffeifer in ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys.’

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Kate’s show-stopping look will be available as a special made-to-order purchase on the brand’s website from February 2013 to celebrate the high street’s chain’s new LA store opening, while her makeup look is available online now.

“We were all working on an idea to celebrate Christmas in a fun way and we just loved Kate's attitude and energy,” said Kate Phelan, creative director at Topshop.

“She is always pictured wearing Topshop and we love how she makes it her own. I feel like she embodies so many of the qualities of our girl - she appeals to everyone because she loves fashion and that's something we can all relate to regardless of age. Topshop is built on being able to cater for everybody no matter who they are or where they come from.”

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Topshop released a teaser video earlier last week and had been building the suspense over the new campaign star posting pictures across social networking sites with the hashtag - #whosthatgirl.

Kate Phelan added: “I think Kate looks effortlessly cool in this film, her voice is spellbinding and I can imagine every girl will want to be wearing Topshop this Christmas when they see her performance.”

The short film will be shown on the brand’s website, billboards and in flagship stores nationwide.

Topshop are hoping the song will be a contender for Christmas number one this year after making Kate’s track available to buy on iTunes.

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