Karolina Kurkova delighting in ‘special’ bond with baby daughter

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Karolina Kurkova shares a “special” bond with her baby daughter because they are already so alike.

The Czech supermodel and her husband Archie Drury welcomed Luna Grace in April, and Karolina has now revealed that having a girl after two sons has changed the family dynamic.

"It's definitely a different energy," she told People. "For me it's very beautiful and special because she's like me.

“We're alike. There is that common ground that we have, not something that you can even describe."

Karolina, who also has Tobin, 11, and Noah, five, has loved spending quality time with Luna Grace since she was born and has ruled out having any other children for now.

And while Luna Grace’s big brothers have so far enjoyed spoiling their new sister with love and attention, Karolina insisted she plans to be far stricter with her only daughter.

“I see it already how protective they are of her and how sweet and loving they are to her,” the 37-year-old said of her boys. “I feel like I'm definitely going to be more of the tougher one, because she's surrounded by boys and they're already like, 'Aw, oh, aw!'

"She's very sweet, very calm, but yet very strong. When she needs or wants something, she definitely lets us know.”

During the interview, Karolina also revealed the home water birth with Luna Grace was “smooth and beautiful” because she felt so relaxed being in a familiar space.