Karlie Kloss reveals pregnancy at Met Gala

Karlie Kloss is pregnant credit:Bang Showbiz
Karlie Kloss is pregnant credit:Bang Showbiz

Karlie Kloss is pregnant.

The 30-year-old supermodel has been married to Joshua Kushner since 2018 and already has two-year-old Levi with him but revealed during her appearance at the Met Gala on Monday (01.05.23) that she is expecting again, as she showed off her bump in a black Loewe trompe l’oeil gown draped in pearls.

She told PageSix: "I don’t know how to style a belly!" and noted that because she was last pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic, she did not have to worry about fashion.

Upon welcoming her first child in March 2021, Karlie explained that her life had been changed by motherhood as she noted that she now doesn't "make a move without asking [her] mom

friends" first.

She told WSJ Magazine: "The mom group friendship thing - I was always like, Yeah, that’s cute but that’s not going to be me. [Now] I don’t make a move without asking my mom friends."

The former Victoria's Secret Angel also explained that she had reexamined her relationship with her body after giving birth.

She added: "I love my body in a way that I never have.

"I never imagined that I would have a career [in which] my body would be so intertwined with my success or failure. That’s something that I

really don’t like about being a model, but - it’s part of the job."

What's more, Karlie also explained that during her first pregnancy, she had endured a series of "bizarre" cravings, including salty snacks and was trying to "stay active" even though exercise was getting harder.

She said at the time: "I've always had bizarre cravings, so it's kind of nothing new, but I've really been loving everything salty and crunchy. I normally love running but I have to say I'm out of breath these days just talking or going up a flight of stairs. Being pregnant has put a little bit of a damper on my running routine but I still have been trying to stay active no matter what, going for lots of long walks."