Karen Elson displays 'feisty' side whenever faced with a challenge

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Karen Elson hates being "boxed in" and refuses to let anyone define who she is.

Since shooting to fame as a teenage model, the 42-year-old star has also showed her talents as a musician, author and actress.

She puts her success down to her loves to push boundaries and try new things, even if they don't always work.

"I just hate to be boxed in. When I feel like somebody is telling me what I can and cannot do, there's that little feisty part in me that's like, 'You don't get to tell me who I am,'" she said in an interview with Paper.

"I've been so lucky to have the life that I have, but I've also envisioned a lot of these things and I've - excuse my language - f**king worked hard for it, because it's especially in fashion, nobody believes in a person more than the person who believes in themselves."

"So my philosophy is always, okay, I might fall on my face, I'm willing to take that risk, but I'd rather take that risk than never do it," the model added.

Karen stars in Lightning Strikes, a new Moschino mini-musical directed by the fashion house's creative director Jeremy Scott, and described the experience as a "fantasy dream come true".

She was thrilled to combine two of her greatest loves - fashion and music - for the film which unveils the womenswear resort 2022 and menswear spring 2022 lines, and insisted models are often underestimated.

"I know models to be multi-faceted," she added. "Every great model I've worked with, I know all these women to be very talented women, but often fashion just looks at them and in a certain way like, 'Oh, you're beautiful for this photo, you're beautiful for this brand,' and they never give us the opportunity to shine in a way that it is more 360."

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