Kardashian fans are losing it over a moment in the new series where Tristan seems to panic his affair has been found out

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Photo credit: Tristan Thompson - Instagram
Photo credit: Tristan Thompson - Instagram

As we all know The Kardashians is exploring storylines that have played out in the real world, so watching these events happen on the show means we're seeing clues and details emerging all over the place. One major thing fans spotted in the most recent episode of the new series is a moment where Tristan seems to have a little panic over something Kim shows Khloé on her iPad, and people are theorising that this was the moment he thought his affair was about to be exposed.

It was a split second reaction, but Kardashians viewers picked up on it almost instantly. During a scene in the most recent episode of the show, Kim, Khloé, Tristan, Corey, Kris and Kylie are all sitting together when Kim holds up her iPad to her sister and says, "Khloe, come here... I feel like you're the only one that would understand this. I'm not sure what this means."

Prompting a *very* panicked expression from Tristan, followed by some nervous laughter:

Quickly, fans began sharing the clip on social media, along with a lot of memes, saying it shows how panicked Tristan appears to be over whatever it is Kim is showing Khloé on the iPad. Obviously, this refers to his now-famous affair with Texas trainer Maralee Nichols with whom he fathered baby Theo, and which had not yet come to light at this point during filming.

Following a fairly public paternity dispute Tristan eventually confirmed the affair and that baby Theo was his in December, issuing a lengthy apology to Khloé on his Instagram Stories.

Following the latest Kardashians episode fans are convinced this moment shows him panicking that the whole thing is about to be found out by the family.

I mean, like we said before, yikes.

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