Kanye West wants to buy a shoe company

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Kanye West has set his sights on buying a shoe company.

Since returning to social media this week, the Stronger rapper has taken aim at a series of top Adidas executives in relation to the management of his popular Yeezy fashion line.

And on Monday, West returned to Instagram to share that he is now looking to acquire a footwear brand.

"I need a shoe company like how Jamie Salter bought Reebok or I'll take over some shoe factories," the star wrote, referring to the acquisition of Reebok from Adidas in August. "I've went to (investment bank) JP Morgan but of course they won't give me no deal flow cause Jin(g) Ulrich is on the board of both Adidas and JP Morgan. What shoe company will give me control. I need to be the head of the board and chief decision maker."

West began collaborating with the team at the German sportswear company on his Yeezy collection back in 2015.

Executives for Adidas have not yet commented on the hip-hop mogul's latest posts.