Kanye West reportedly fired Yeezy employee after they asked to listen to Drake

Kanye West reportedly fired Yeezy employee after they asked to listen to Drake

Kanye West reportedly fired a former Yeezy employee after they asked to listen to Drake.

The incident is alleged to have occurred in 2015, when the rapper-turned-fashion-designer called on the employee to suggest music he should play in the workplace.

A new report by Rolling Stone, which spoke to more than a dozen former Yeezy staffers, describes a chaotic “cult-like” work culture.

One person claimed that West often liked to play his own music at work. After someone suggested that he play something different, he called on a Yeezy employee to suggest a song.

The employee, who mostly listened to punk and rock music, told Rolling Stone they were caught off-guard by the request.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap’,” they said, explaining that they suggested West play something by Drake.

“Big mistake – the next day I was fired,” the employee claims.

Others described alleged “baseless firings” over non-issues, such as wearing the wrong colour of clothing to work.

Some who worked at the Yeezy office in Calabasas, claimed the Donda rapper would document his employees’ outfits, and that there could allegedly be consequences if he didn’t like what they were wearing.

According to the report, West told one employee who came to work in a yellow jumper: “Dress for the palette or you dress in black.”

The Independent has contacted West for comment.

West and Drake have long had a tumultuous relationship, which they appeared to settle in December 2021, when they collaborated on the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert in Los Angeles.

West has been embroiled in controversy as of late after he made antisemitic comments on social media.

Last month, Adidas announced it had officially ended its partnership with West over the remarks.

The sportswear brand, which had been affiliated with West since 2013, said it will “not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech”.