Kanye West Kicks A Reporter Out Of A NYFW Event For Asking A Question He Didn't Like

Photo credit: Rob Kim - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rob Kim - Getty Images


Kanye West, bringer of drama, tiny sandal enthusiast, and newly appointed director for the Pornhub awards caused a stir on Friday night during a fashion week event. And really, are you at all surprised?

On the red carpet for Ralph Lauren’s NYFW runway show and gala dinner, Kanye didn't like a question that he was asked by a reporter, and consequentially demanded that she be removed from the event.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reporter was from Entertainment Tonight and had set Kanye off when she asked him about Tyson Beckford's recent Instagram feud with Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye took matters to Ralph Lauren's PR team, saying “Ralph Lauren would be disappointed to have a journalist ask me questions like this at his show...Either she leaves or me, you decide.”

He was so adamant the reporter be removed that Kanye himself left the premises until the PR team could confirm that the journalist was no longer there. According to TMZ, the reporter left before she could be kicked out.

Kanye went on to enjoy his night, tweeting about what a great seat he had at the event.

Sooooo that's a thing that happened. Sounds hella dramatic, even by Kanye's standards.

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