Kanye West doesn't agree with 'half the s*** Trump does' but will still wear the MAGA hat

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Kanye West-Trump support saga continues on the internet, as the rapper released on Monday a behind-the-scenes video giving fans an inside look at the making of his latest track, “Ye vs. the People.” In the clip, West sits with several people, including fellow rapper T.I., who’s featured on the track, and has an open discussion about his support of President Trump, which has been harshly criticized.

T.I. admits he doesn’t understand why West has been outspokenly in favor of Trump.

When you have lives lost, as artists, that gives us an obligation to stand up against all of that kind of s***,” the rapper told West. “Your intentions, from what you tell me, are pure, but the direction that you took to get there is a bit unorthodox and kind of, I would say, some people would say, thoughtless. … I’m just trying to figure where you’re trying to go with this. Some things you don’t align with, and some s*** you just don’t go against.”

West took his friend’s words to heart, but also defended supporting Trump and wearing the red Make America Great Again hat. He did add, however, it’s not all or nothing with the president.

“When I wear that hat, it’s like a fight for equality, like, ‘Oh I can wear this hat too,’” West said. “I really want to take that hurt off of them and let them understand that I did not wear that hat to hurt them. Half the s*** Trump does, I don’t agree with,” he added.

T.I. raised his voice back at his friend, saying, “What do you agree with? Let’s get that out.”

“Just the ability to do what no one said you could do, to do the impossible. It’s the most inspiring thing to me,” Kanye replied.

West’s fans were divided by the revelations in the video; some appreciated the artist’s candor while other still think West is misguided by supporting Trump.

West has not commented on the video other than initially tweeting its release, but T.I. seemed excited to be a part of both “Ye vs. the People” and the political discussion.

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