Kane Lim is Fenty Beauty's new brand ambassador

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Kane Lim joins Fenty Beauty as brand ambassador credit:Bang Showbiz
Kane Lim joins Fenty Beauty as brand ambassador credit:Bang Showbiz

Kane Lim is the new face of Fenty Beauty.

The 'Bling Empire' star has been tapped by close friend Rihanna to be a brand ambassador for her multimillion-dollar beauty brand, and admits it's "very humbling".

He told PEOPLE: "This has been very humbling.

"I have developed this newfound confidence because of this opportunity."

The real estate developer appears confident on-screen in the Netflix show, but he actually suffers from " a lot of insecurities", and the Fenty campaign has provided him with the opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone and show the real him with no filters.

He admitted: "I don't know if people know this, but I suffer from a lot of insecurities. So, this partnership means a lot for me in terms of self-confidence. People look at my Instagram and think differently but that's because you can curate and edit these posts, but with a campaign ... it's different. It's more real. It was nerve-wracking... When I did the shoot, I was like, 'Oh wow.' This was the first picture where I actually didn't need photoshop, which is incredible."

The 31-year-old investor added: This is exactly why I'm doing this. I would like to show that everyone suffers from insecurities, and we are here to face those issues head-on."

Kane developed a close bond with 'Bling' fan Rihanna, 34, over social media.

He spilled: "When season one of 'Bling' dropped, She was like, 'So, when is season two coming out?' From there, we'd DM emojis and fun stuff. She's the sweetest person and when this came about I said, 'You helped me a lot.' This just means so much to me."

Away from Fenty, Kane teased his own brand, BLING, an acronym for Because Life Is Never Guaranteed.

On the personal meaning behind the collection, he added: "It's going to be clothing, it's going to be a little bit of accessorizes, but it also symbolises my life journey."