Kamie Crawford’s Sparkly Gold French Manicure Has Us Inspired

Kamie Crawford.<p>Emma McIntyre/Getty Images</p>
Kamie Crawford.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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Kamie Crawford has done it again. She has proven that she has the best taste where manicures are concerned. While most of her past nail looks that have caught our eye have tended to be more neutral (think milky vanilla manicures and small pops of color), her latest is anything but.

We’ve been talking for months about the resurgence in French manicures. As it turns out, they’re having a moment again. With their simplicity, they easily add a touch of class and sophistication to any look.

But have you ever considered a more vibrant spin on the simple white tips that are characteristic of the design? Well, we have. But we’ve never taken the vibrant spin quite as far as Crawford just did.

Rather than springing for simple white tips, she gave her nails a touch of spice. Crawford painted her expertly rounded nails a bright gold tip—a certified eye-catching move. While she didn’t divulge the shade that she used to achieve the look, we believe we’ve come up with something that will work just as well.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Five Golden Flings, $11.49 (

OPI is known for its quality nail polishes, and this shimmery gold tone is no exception.

Sometimes you just want the classic white tips—we get it. But sometimes you want something just a little more exciting. And when that’s the case, gold tips are the way to go.

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