Kaley Cuoco Put an End to Feud Speculations Between Her and Margot Robbie

Olivia Harvey
·2-min read

Vera Anderson / Contributor, Jeff Spicer / Stringer, Getty Images

We don't know what about pitting two female actresses against each other is so appealing to the masses, but people just can't seem to get enough of it. Kaley Cuoco, who talked with David Spade for Interview Magazine, said that she and Margot Robbie, who both play different renditions of Harley Quinn, are not feuding, and probably never will.

Cuoco, who voices the character of Harley in HBO Max's animated series, said that when Robbie's film Birds of Prey, in which Robbie also plays Harley Quinn, debuted, "there were all these stories that me and Margot Robbie were feuding," Cuoco told Spade.

"There was an article that came out that said we would not show up together at Comic-Con. We refused to be on the same stage together," Cuoco said. "Neither of us was even at Comic-Con, okay?"

Cuoco continued, "I’ve never even met her. I love her," later calling Robbie "so cute."

Spade, who noted that he is also not feuding with Margot Robbie, noted that Cuoco and Robbie are similar in that they both "treat showbiz like fun." And having a character in common, we can only assume that these two would actually have a lot to talk about and probably become fast friends rather than feuding frenemies.

Though fans love to stir any pot that gets put in front of them, creating fake fights and drumming up feuds out of nowhere can cause real-life drama in actors' lives, which is never okay. Just because two women play the same character doesn't mean they inherently hate each other.

Again, let's stop pitting women against each other in Hollywood and beyond. It's just downright silly. In fact, we're going to put good vibes and wishes into the ether that Cuoco and Robbie will cross paths in an upcoming project—maybe a Harley Quinn-themed crossover of some sort? Just a thought...