Kaley Cuoco Posts Hilarious Video of Second Attempt to Recreate Influencer's Hairstyle: 'I'm Scared!'

"I’m gonna keep trying everyone. We can do this together," the actress wrote in the comments of her Instagram post

<p> Kaley Cuoco/Instagram</p> Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is back at it again with another social media-inspired hairdo!

The Flight Attendant star, 37, and her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg shared another hilarious video on Instagram Friday of the actress' second attempt at recreating a hairstyle illustrated by an influencer.

With Cuoco’s face covered in tangled hair at the start of the video, Greenberg asks if they need scissors to free her locks from a hair tie. Mortified at the thought, Cuoco screams at a high pitch, “No!”

After double checking that she wants to try another tricky hairstyle made viral on social media, Cuoco confidently moves forward with one that shows the free strands of a low ponytail being flipped up into a hole created inside the upper half and then pinned with a claw clip for a chic updo.

“I really like the idea of this because I wear a lot of claw clips,” says Cuoco, as she and Greenberg animatedly react to the steps to achieve the look. “A lot just happened there,” she adds, which Greenberg agrees but still encourages her, “You can do this!”

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Cuoco begins by tying her hair into a low ponytail and pulls it down, separating the base of her hair into two for the bottom half tucked up into the open space. "I'm scared," she hilariously mumbles.

Once her hair is in place for the next step, Greenberg then tells her to “roll up,” which Cuoco frantically repeats. After attempting to do exactly that, the Big Bang Theory alum looks back at Greenberg with a puzzled look on her face.

They reference the video one more time, with Greenberg continuing to cheer on Cuoco. “You had it! Let’s go!” she yells.

Cuoco holds her hair up again to position it correctly, but this time, Greenberg steps in to help out. However, as the actress begins rolling the bottom of her hair up, the makeup artist hilariously notes, “That might be a little George Washington vibes.”

Nonetheless, the Emmy nominee pins all her hair up with a claw clip — albeit “a little loose” — and the not-so-bad result surprises both of them. 

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<p> Kaley Cuoco/Instagram</p> Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco

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Greenberg then asks Cuoco if she can achieve a similar effect “without doing the whole thing” demonstrated in the influencer's video. Cuoco proceeds to show a “really cool” approach she learned on Instagram.

Instead of a low ponytail, Cuoco styles her hair into a high ponytail, but creates a bun by not wrapping her hair around the elastic one more time. She then pulls apart the bun and flips the right side down and adds the claw clip.

“That’s perfect, that’s easy,” Greenberg says, but Cuoco humbly states that “it’s not perfect.”

“I feel like you created these before anyone ever wore them and maybe they broke them down,” Greenberg theorizes. Jokingly believing her, Cuoco claims that “this is all my creations” and sassily leans one hand against the mirror while she smiles at her reflection.

Asking if they have another hairstyle to recreate, Cuoco wrote in the comments of the post, “I’m gonna keep trying everyone . We can do this together 😂.”

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