Kaitlynn Carter addresses 'shocking' comments over her 'revealing' New Year's Eve outfit

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Kaitlynn Carter addresses trolls over her New Year's Eve outfit credit:Bang Showbiz
Kaitlynn Carter addresses trolls over her New Year's Eve outfit credit:Bang Showbiz

Kaitlynn Carter has blasted the “shocking” criticism she received over her revealing New Year’s Eve outfit.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ star spoke out after trolls deemed her outfit - a YSL jumpsuit which she wore to welcome in 2022 with her boyfriend Kristopher Brock and a couple of their friends - inappropriate for a mother to wear.

The 33-year-old reality star - who gave birth to Rowan Carter Brock in September - wrote on Instagram: "I've always read about women being criticized for their choices once they'd become mothers, but this is my first personal experience with it.

"Over the course of my time on Instagram, I've worn a number of 'revealing' outfits, and no one's been concerned.

"All of [a] sudden NOW it's so shocking. It's very sad to me that that's the world we're living in. You're expected to dress one way pre-children and another way post. (sic)"

The new mum gave followers an insight into one her “greatest fears”, which is the idea of losing who she was "before" motherhood.

She continued: "One of my greatest fears in becoming a mother was that I'd lose who I was before .As it turns out, I'm almost exactly the same (with the addition of someone new to be absolutely crazy about), and I am so happy about that! (sic)"

Kaitlynn went to share that she has "spent the past year struggling to fit into anything that wasn't oversized or maternity" and hasn’t gone on a shopping spree since giving birth, so she did just that on New Year's Eve.

She said: "I asked the salesperson to only show me the sexiest party outfits she had. She brought me this beautiful @ysl jumpsuit, and although my chest is currently much larger than usual because I'm BREASTFEEDING A CHILD, my boyfriend and I loved how it fit anyway.

"I said to myself, 'This is my body right now, and I can either feel ashamed and hide it, or I can do what I WANT to do which is embrace and celebrate everything that my body currently is and has been for me this past year.' So I did what I wanted to do, and that's what women should be encouraged to do ALL THE TIME. (sic)"

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