Kaia Gerber's Beehive Is Approximately Five Times The Size Of Her Head

kaia gerber beehive
Kaia Gerber's Beehive Is 5X The Size Of Her HeadGetty Images

Kaia Gerber is not one for big hair. She's typically sporting cute lobs, neat bobs and shaggy mobs (mid length bobs; I just made it up but maybe it will catch on, despite its gangster connotations). But her latest photoshoot features one of the biggest beehives we've ever seen (note: one of).

The Old Hollywood themed shoot was for iD's timeless issue and if you swipe past the cover featuring half a dozen can rollers — yep past them, we're not even writing about that masterpiece — you'll get to the 'do in discussion.

Created by Bob Recine, the huge XXL mountain of hair features a light side-part in the traditional front section, before ballooning up into a perfectly dishevelled retro beehive. You can see it with a bit more distance in this next carousel, and wow, it's really dwarfing the 21-year-old in a mesmerisingly charged moment.

We haven't seen Kaia with this much hair since those incredible 2022 Met Gala curls. But while she's not one we associate with giant manes, this beehive gave us an intense flashback to an iconic moment that had almost slipped from our memories.

Back in 2018 when Kaia was just 17 and first emerging into mainstream fame, she walked in the Valentino Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 during Paris Fashion Week. A moment that firmly put her on the radar not as Cindy Crawford's daughter, but as Kaia Gerber.

valentino runway paris fashion week haute couture fall winter 20182019
Valentino Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019, Paris 2018Estrop - Getty Images

It feels apt seeing her return to the realms of gigantic hair five years later, now that the then fashion darling is a certified mega model. They grow up so fast.

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