Kaia Gerber Wears These £60 Shoes Literally Every Day

Zoe Anastasiou

As far as brand-loyal celebrities go, Kaia Gerber might just be at the top of the list. The teen often finds brands she loves and sticks with them, wearing and re-wearing her favourite items. One such example is Kaia's Converse sneakers, which the model wears so much you'd be forgiven for thinking she has some kind of endorsement deal going. 

From sunny summer days to cold New York winters, Kaia Gerber relies on her trusty Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars for just about every occasion. She has been known to pair the shoe against floral dresses and slip skirts for spring fashion events but also opts for the sneakers when she is running between shows at global fashion weeks.

She's not wearing the same pair of Converse All-Stars over and over again. The 18-year-old owns several iterations of the shoe, including high tops in white and black and low tops in navy canvas. We've also spotted her courtside at a basketball game in a vibrant red pair. 

Of course, as one of the world's most in-demand models, it would be reasonable to assume that Kaia is running around in designer items on the daily, though, refreshingly, canvas Converse All-Stars start at just £50. One thing is for sure: Kaia's love for Converse All-Stars in unwavering, and she has just about convinced us all to invest in a pair.

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