Kaia Gerber realised 'how badly' she needed a break from modelling during lockdown

Kaia Gerber realised how desperately she needed a break from modelling when the pandemic forced her to slow down.

In a cover interview with ELLE magazine, the 21-year-old model admitted the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 came at a time when she was falling out of love with modelling because she was exhausted and needed a break.

"Honestly, it came at a time when I really needed it, and it was a really difficult time in the world, but I really had reached a point where I just felt like I was falling out of love with it, and I didn't know that you could ask for a break," she shared. "I was forced to stop, and I realized how badly I needed one. When you're being told what to do every day, you don't have time to sit and reflect."

Kaia spent the lockdown with her family - mother Cindy Crawford, father Rande Gerber and brother Presley - and realised everything she had missed out on due to her hectic work schedule.

"I felt so lucky that I got to be with my family because I'd spent so much time away from them, and I realized I had so much guilt about missing birthdays and things. I had been traveling since I was a teenager, and so I got to develop an adult relationship with my family," she added.

Now the world has opened back up, Kaia hasn't slipped back into her old work schedule as she wants to continue prioritising her mental health and her relationships with her loved ones.

"My personal life and my mental health are not something I'm willing to sacrifice for my job ever again," she stated.

Although she found fame with modelling, Kaia's "primary focus" is currently acting and her upcoming projects include the TV miniseries Mrs. American Pie and the comedy movie Bottoms.