Kaia Gerber on Confidence, Beauty Lessons From Mom, and Golden-Hour Selfies

Jessica Harrington

During any other year, Kaia Gerber would have been right in the middle of another Fashion Week when she hopped on a Zoom call with us, but because of the current circumstances (read: global pandemic), she was sitting at home with plenty of time to reflect on the last year - and that epic pink-hair moment.

In an effort to control the uncontrollable happening around her, she turned her attention to her hair: "I, like many people, decided to take [the uncertainty] out on my hair, so I bleached it," Gerber told POPSUGAR. "I'd always wanted to have pink hair, so I went pink." (This was in August 2020, and she documented the entire thing on Instagram.) But the color was short-lived.

With her shoulder-grazing brown hair back to its natural state, she admitted that while it was fun and exactly what she needed at the time, she doesn't recommend it. "My poor hair - it was like, 'Stop. OK, please stop,'" she said. "I really appreciate my natural hair now."

That's not the only thing she appreciates more now; she also used this last year to "get to know the woman I've become." The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense Eau de Parfum , which Gerber is the face of, couldn't represent that more perfectly. "It feels like a new scent for a new grown-up chapter of my life."

Ahead, Gerber shared how she fights her insecurities, her evolving perception of beauty, and more.