JVKE samples the sun

JVKE has sampled the sun credit:Bang Showbiz
JVKE has sampled the sun credit:Bang Showbiz

JVKE features sounds of the sun on his new single.

The TikTok sensation has partnered with Magnum ice cream to create a soundtrack for the summer, with ‘Golden Hour (ft. the Sun) [Sunlover-Starchaser Edit]’ containing samples using sounds from NASA’s data library.

JVKE said of the reworked version of his song: “It’s been so much fun to work with Magnum to bring to life this all-new version of ‘Golden Hour’ using the actual sounds of the sun – how cool is that?

“I have always tried to push the boundaries of creativity in my music and using NASA data to create my latest track is definitely one of those pinch me moments. I can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

JVKE and Magnum have worked closely with Dr Robert Alexander, a solar data sonification specialist, to turn the raw data into sounds to create an out-of-this world sound experience.

The expert said: “I’ve been listening to the greatest hits of NASA’s data archive for over a decade and collecting my favourite samples.

“These records are unique in that the harmonies are generated by solar spherical harmonics and the little static clicks are coronal mass ejections. It’s exciting to be working with Magnum, JVKE and Alex Metric to mix these sounds into a pop hit for the first time in history.

“This track and projects like the NASA-funded HARP citizen science project are helping us move beyond the silent age of space exploration.”

The track celebrates the launch of Magnum Double Sunlover and Magnum Double Starchaser, the brand’s new summer flavour innovations, and while a teaser of the song is available on JVKE’s TikTok now, he will debut the full song during an exclusive panel discussion at Magnum’s beach in Cannes on 22 May, which will also be live streamed on TikTok.

Pleasure Seekers will then be able to stream the all-new track via Spotify and participate in the TikTok challenge started by JVKE on his channel.

Learn more about the #PleasureIsAlwaysOn campaign on TikTok and https://magnumicecream.com/pleasure-is-always-on