Justin Timberlake Relives Travis Kelce Encounter: ‘I Saw My Life Flash Before My Eyes’

Justin Timberlake once got body-bumped by Travis Kelce on a golf course, and it didn’t go well for him.

The “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” singer relived the silly incident, which also involved comedian Jimmy Fallon, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday.

Fallon brought up a golf tournament in Las Vegas where he had played with Timberlake against Kelce and the NFL player’s Kansas City Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes.

After Fallon surprisingly nailed a bunker shot, all four men went wild.

“Even the other team was rooting for me. That’s how bad I am,” Fallon said after showing a video of the moment.

Timberlake said what happened next made “my life flash before my eyes.”

Kelce ran towards the singer to do a celebratory side bump, Timberlake said, “and I was like, he’s doing it! I have to do it!”

He added, “And I forgot that he weighs like 80 pounds more than me.”

The video shows Timberlake taking a tumble after making contact.

He must have gotten the hang of it at some point. In another video online of Timberlake golfing with Kelce at a 2022 tournament in California, the two seemed to have their celebration routine on lock.

One commentator noted, “Kelce could hurt him if he jumps too hard!”

Watch Timberlake’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” below.