Justin Theroux addresses rumour suggesting he sleeps nude on aeroplanes

Justin Theroux has set the record straight on a "wild rumour" suggesting he sleeps naked on aeroplanes.

During an appearance on the SmartLess podcast that aired in 2021, co-host Jason Bateman claimed he once saw The Leftovers actor strip down to his underwear and go sleep in a "little pod" during a 12-hour overnight flight from Los Angeles to London.

Questioned further about the story during an interview for the latest issue of Esquire published on Monday, Justin explained that he was more concerned to see Jason in "full pyjamas" on the flight.

"He was in the full pyjamas - like, the slippers and a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. I'm like, 'I'm going to sleep! No one is going to see!' And I had a blanket! So anyway, it was actually correct that I was essentially naked on an airplane, but not really naked," he recalled.

Additionally, Justin insisted that he has to be comfortable in order to get any shut-eye when travelling.

"I mean, look, if it's a long-haul sleeping flight...I'm not going to fall asleep in my jean jacket!" the 51-year-old quipped.