Justin Seemingly Models Kim's SKIMS In Hilarious Mishap

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Photo credit: Rachpoot/MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rachpoot/MEGA - Getty Images

If you ever wondered what Justin Bieber looks like modelling a pair of skimpy undies, then wonder no more.

On Monday (August 30), a photo from Justin's new campaign with Balenciaga was put up on the side of a building on Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Strip. But, a hilarious mishap meant Justin was left wearing a pair of Kim Kardashian's SKIMS undies.

Justin seemingly teamed the undies with a pair of cosy socks, toned bare legs and a leather Balenciaga jacket.

Of course, all is not as it seems, and the billboard company simply hadn't finished yet. But, that didn't stop the photo making its rounds on the internet. Even Euphoria's Jacob Elordi shared the snap to his Instagram Story.

Over on Twitter, fans also took the opportunity to make a meme out of the mishap. 'I'M SO SORRY FOR LAUGHING BUT THIS IS WAY TOO FUNNY 😭😭✋🏻💀' tweeted one Justin Bieber fan, while another wrote 'Justin Bieber for SKIMS Balenciaga is the happy accident you could only wish for on a Monday drive home.'

Kim launched SKIMS in 2019 and the brand now sells a range of items including underwear, loungewear, shapewear and maternity clothes. Justin meanwhile became the face of Balenciaga's new sneaker campaign earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the mishap didn't last long, as the billboard team eventually replaced Justin's skimpy bottom half with a pair of black sweatpants and trainers.

So far neither Justin or Kim have commented on the meme-worthy moment, but we're hoping they saw the funny side of it.

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