Justin Long subtly reveals he and Kate Bosworth are married one month after announcing engagement

Justin Long subtly reveals he and Kate Bosworth are married one month after announcing engagement

Justin Long has subtly confirmed that he and Kate Bosworth are officially married, one month after they announced their engagement.

The 44-year-old actor spoke about his relationship status during an episode of his podcast Life is Short, which aired on 9 May. While speaking with guest Kyra Sedgwick, he referred to Bosworth as his spouse for the first time. He also recalled how he first fell for the actor when they were in Bulgaria to film their movie, Barbarian.

“I was there while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife,” Long explained. “She came to visit, and I had never been comfortable with… set visits, I was never crazy about [them]. I like to separate the relationship.”

But still, he said that he enjoyed having Bosworth around on set.

“Yeah, I loved having her there and we just had the most magical time,” the Tusk star said. “It helped me having her there. She’d help me with scenes. It was the best.”

The married couple also took part in an Amazon Live segment on 15 May, in which Bosworth appeared to be wearing a silver wedding band on her ring finger, along with her engagement ring.

Long’s comments about his new wife come one month after he announced that he was engaged. During an episode of his podcast, which aired on 4 April, the couple spoke about the organic way in which Long proposed to Bosworth.

“I remember waking up, not so many mornings after that therapy session, and I looked at Justin…I smiled at you, and I said, ‘What do you need?’” The Locksmith star explained. “And he, like, really looked at me and he said, ‘To spend my life with you.’ And I smiled and I said, ‘Well, yeah, you have that. Oh my gosh, you have that,’ and he said, ‘No, I mean I really want to spend my life with you.’”

Long, who confirmed his relationship with Bosworth in May 2022, added: “It felt connected to something very, very deeply, profoundly personal that we were going through, like, a real life change. As all of these moments with you have…the asking of it was easy.”

These comments also came weeks after they first sparked engagement rumours at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party, when the actress was spotted with a ring on her finger.

After confirming his engagement on his podcast, Long also took to Instagram to share the news. In his post, he shared pictures of himself and Bosworth, as she showed off her ring. He also explained why he chose to publicly open up about the engagement.

“It felt like a leap to talk about something so personal so publicly but I’ve found that the scary things become much easier when you commit to the truth… and to a partner as loving and safe as Catherine Ann Bosworth,” he wrote in the caption.

Long added: “I feel eternally grateful that I found a partner who makes each day SO full, whose mere presence IS a reminder of the beauty and brevity of life, and who makes me laugh from the minute we wake up til the one I begrudgingly fall asleep. I cherish the days we’ve had and the ones to come.”

The Independent has contacted representatives for Bosworth and Long for comment.