Justin and Hailey Bieber share touching anniversary tributes

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Justin and Hailey Bieber are basically the definition of "power couple". After marrying back in 2018, the couple have gone from strength to strength and have now marked four years together, celebrating the moment with tender Instagram tributes to one another.

Recently, the duo have gone through a lot together and had a particularly trying year. In March, Hailey was rushed to hospital after experiencing a stroke-like blood clot on the brain which left her unable to speak.

She later revealed in a video that the mini stroke could potentially have been caused by her birth control pills (she suffers from migraines and this increases the small risk of blood clot or stroke when taking oral birth control). She also noted that recently having been ill with Covid could have been a "contributing factor" to the incident.

In July, Justin shared that he was suffering from facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, an illness that causes painful rashes around the ear, face or mouth and can lead to facial paralysis (as in Justin's case) and also hearing loss.

Hailey has opened up in conversations with the press about how these health struggles have impacted their marriage, explaining that; "You have to figure out how to deal with this sh*t as it comes, you know?" It's clear that the two are strong, four years on from their marriage, with Hailey saying, in the same interview; "He’s still the person that I wanna be rushing back to."

Now, on their anniversary, the duo have publicly shared tributes to their love and relationship. Both posted separately on their individual Instagram accounts to mark the occasion and the posts are so tender and sweet.

Justin, for his part, shared a black and white bed selfie of him and his wife with the thoughtful caption; "Happy anniversary to my best friend and wifey @haileybieber .. thanks for making me better in every way."

Hailey, on the other hand, posted a carousel of images, including a throwback to her wedding day and a number of PDA couple pics. She captioned the post; "4 years married to you. the most beautiful human I’ve ever known... love of my life. Thank God for you."

Congrats to these two on four years!

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