Is It Just Us Who's Only Just Noticed This Glaring GBBO Title Error

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Ah The Great British Bake Off: a guaranteed source of comfort and unproblematic joy through the autumn months. Wholesome humour, angelic contestants, cheeky double-entendres, and now… a glaring filming error that’s going to haunt us every time we watch?!

Yep, ever since TikToker heyrowanellis jumped on a “What’s a movie mistake that haunts you every time you watch it” stitch trend to share a glaring error she noticed in the series title sequence. And now we can’t unsee it either.

According to the TikToker, the enchanting magic of the gentle, whimsical opening sequence is absolutely butchered by one teeny tiny raspberry.

In the final shot of the sequence, also known as the title card, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ is cast over the top of a chocolate cake studded with fresh raspberries. It’s a great looking cake. Of course – it’s a baking show after all. However, heyrowanellis points out that the perfect chocolate cake’s symmetrical, geometrically-pleasing topping is downright ruined by the fact that it’s missing a raspberry.

It just doesn’t make sense. Right on the bottom-right edge of the cake, a perfect raspberry-sized gap of chocolate ganache shows through right next to the sea of faultlessly placed raspberries.

It would definitely FIT a raspberry. It’s not as if the baker or food stylist who made the cake got down to that bit and realised that they didn’t have enough room to squeeze the final raspberry in. It would fit so effortlessly. It is LITERALLY a gap designed for a raspberry in the design. Where is the raspberry?

Obviously, the TikTok’s gone viral. Everyone’s either noticed the gap before, or now can’t unsee it.

One commenter suggested that maybe comedian and host Noel Fielding was behind the missing berry, saying, “Noel nicked it, knowing it would drive thousands of people mad.”

Channel4 commented too, declaring, “The raspberry decided to end its long & distinguished career in TV and its whereabouts are currently unknown. Please respect its privacy at this time.

Photo credit: Love Productions/Channel4
Photo credit: Love Productions/Channel4

There are other, more legitimate theories circulating in the comment section, too. A scattering of people seem to remember an older version of the title sequence where a child’s hand would come in and pinch it from the cake. In the name of journalism, we went back to look at some old title sequences and couldn’t seem to find the version they’re talking about. Mandela effect, anyone?

There is, however, a child having a nibble of *something* in the title sequence – just not from the cake. Another TikToker, Lepidora, commented saying, “I guess the implication is they ran out of raspberries because the kid ate one?”

TikToker Finn Smith has his own theory: “I thought […] this was on purpose to show that these are home bakers, and that perfection isn’t the goal?”

Who knew that the Bake Off title sequence held such depth of symbolism and nuance, eh? We’d almost be overjoyed with this discovery, however the missing raspberry *does* mean we’re never going to be able to watch the last 8 seconds of the title sequence again, so…

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