Just a reminder that running is for everybody.

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At Runner’s World we passionately believe that running is for everybody... and that
means every body.

Our mission is to open up the joys and rewards of this wonderful sport to all and help to build a stronger, more inclusive runners’ world.

From the feedback and stories shared with us, we have become increasingly aware
that for some, the perception that their bodies don’t fit the 'traditional' image of a
runner can be a barrier to participation and enjoyment. It can mean some don’t feel
they are fully part of the running community, don’t feel comfortable calling
themselves runners or, worst of all, don’t feel able to take those first steps.

This may stem from comments received in the real or virtual world, or from images
on the internet and social media or in the running industry’s advertising campaigns.

It may also have come from images of runners on the covers of magazines like ours,
but for anyone worried that what they see in the mirror doesn’t match what they
believe they’ve been told a runner should look like, we have a clear message: If you
have a body, whatever size and shape it is, and you run, no matter how fast or how
far, then you have a runner’s body.

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