And Just Like That fans are all saying the same thing about Miranda

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Photo credit: HBO / NOW
Photo credit: HBO / NOW

Sex And The City fans are all saying the same thing about Miranda Hobbes in the latest episode of And Just Like That... And it's basically: "Nooo, Steve!"

After dropping on Sky and NOW in December, And Just Like That... has caused quite a stir. Whether it's reading into Kim Cattrall's reaction or unearthing throwback snaps of Sarah Jessica-Parker, it's safe to say fans have been lapping up every last detail surrounding the show.

Including, of course, feeling emotionally invested in Miranda's (played by Cynthia Nixon) latest storyline, which sees her cheating on beloved Steve (David Eigenberg) with Che Diaz (Sara Ramírez).

Photo credit: HBO / NOW
Photo credit: HBO / NOW

While some viewers are chuffed for Miranda for exploring her sexuality and feeling empowered in her own desires, many others are basically just gutted for her husband Steve - and questioning whether Miranda from her Sex And The City days would *actually* do this.

"My thoughts on what I hear is going on in #andjustlikethat," one fan wrote, sharing an article which read 'Steve deserves better.' Another put, "Just gotta say this man, this man right here, deserves better #andjustlikethat" while someone else said, "I couldn’t help but wonder, why have they RUINED Miranda and Steve like Brooklyn Bridge meant NOTHING."

Others have pointed out how Miranda reacted in Sex And The City when she discovered other characters had cheated, and how they're not convinced by the development of her views. Hmm.

We're saying nothing.

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