Your June Horoscope

Venus Australis

Temperatures and emotions rise on 5th June, as the Moon waxes full in Sagittarius during a lunar eclipse. We’ll feel the effects intensely, and our needs and desires will be revealed, making it a good time to reprioritise our responsibilities. This transit is opposed by charming Venus in retrograde, and forms a square against warrior Mars. We’ll need to practice patience with loved ones. On 18th June, Mercury begins his second retrograde of the year in Cancer, calling us to slow down until he moves direct again on 12th July.

We're encouraged to be careful with our words, and place more value on rest. The messenger's path is a positive one, as he's influenced by Sirius, a star representing status, luck, fortune, and fame. It’s a good time to create a new routine that supports our minds and ambitions. We're able to get more comfortable at home starting 20th June, as the Sun illuminates the watery sign of Cancer. By protecting ourselves in our safe spaces, we can nurture our creative sides and blossom. The Moon influences us during this transit, so keep a note of her phases as you reflect on the status of your emotions.

On 21st June, a Solar Eclipse greets us in Cancer, offering a chance to start fresh. This new Moon phase is a powerful opportunity for us to sort out our responsibilities, as it forms a quincunx with Saturn. We have a chance to practice accepting what we cannot change. Illusion-loving Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces on 23rd June, creating a shift in perspective. A veil has been lifted, and making it easier for us to confront phobias and find solutions. We're encouraged to take care of our bodies and minds as Neptune moves in reverse. Focus on gaining strength, until the planet of dreams moves direct again in Pisces on 28th November.

We're feeling more open and ready to give love starting 25th June, when charming Venus moves direct in Gemini. Use this transit to enjoy dressing up — and glowing up. 27th June brings a new burst of spontaneity, as ambitious Mars makes his way into feisty Aries. We’ll enjoy a burst of confidence when Mars moves through this fiery sign, making it a great time to get competitive and challenge ourselves. 

21st March to 19th April

It's all about balance, Aries. Pay close attention to how you communicate your needs with loved ones on 5th June, during the Lunar Eclipse in honest Sagittarius. Your creative ruler, the Sun, opposes your domestic-ruling Moon, helping you to reflect on where you need to expand. Focus on adaptability starting 18th June, when routine-ruling Mercury moves retrograde in sensitive Cancer. Use inconveniences to strengthen your patience with others as the messenger planet moves in reverse. You're ready to make your space a creative haven starting 20th June, as the imaginative Sun highlights your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. Set an intention for positive change on 21st June, upon the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. You've got the power to problem solve, as long as you make time to get your affairs in order. Attack problems head-on and track your progress to stay motivated. It's easier to manage your finances starting 25th June, when material Venus moves direct in Gemini. Look back at the lessons that Venus's retrograde brought you, and use them to work smarter, not harder. Center yourself starting 28th June, as ruling Mars enters Aries, helping you to find direction. 

20th April to 20th May

It could be tempting to get riled up, Taurus. Emotions run high on 5th June upon the arrival of the Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Learn to manage your expectations of family members. Money-minded Mercury begins his retrograde in intuitive Cancer on June 18, encouraging you to cut back on unnecessary spending. Use this transit to start a new savings account and rebuild your relationship with money. On 20th June, the Sun enters your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community, sharpening your mind. Reach out to people who share your thirst for knowledge, and collaborate with people who celebrate your spirit. Consider how you'd like to build up your foundations on 21st June, as the domestic-ruling Sun creates a Solar Eclipse in home-loving Cancer. It's time to take responsibility for your actions and grow up a little. You're ready to enjoy whimsy again starting 25th June when ruling Venus moves direct in chatty Gemini. Enjoy the finer things and elevate your routine as the planet of beauty moves forward.

21st May 21 to 20th June

Do you feel as though something's a little off, Gemini? It can be difficult to gauge your intuition towards financial choices on 5th June, when the money-ruling Moon enters a Lunar Eclipse in optimistic Sagittarius. Avoid making hasty decisions as this energy bubbles through you. Stop and smell the roses starting 18th June, when ruling Mercury stations retrograde in thoughtful Cancer. Take your time as you go through your daily tasks, and enjoy every moment that you can while the messenger planet moves in reverse. This transit helps us to enjoy nostalgia and reconnect with loved ones. On 20th June, the Sun lights up your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions. Your mind turns to money, and you may feel drawn to tinkering with your own belongings. The Solar Eclipse arrives in domestic Cancer on 21st June. Use it to enhance your potential, and meditate on how you'd like to create abundance in your home. If you're considering a career change, you could have the chance to uncover a new path starting 23rd June, when your Neptune, the ruler of status, stations retrograde in Pisces. Learn from your mistakes to grow during this transit. 

21st June to 22nd July

Don't hold back, Cancer. Your emotions magnify on 5th June, as the ruling Moon waxes full into a Lunar Eclipse in straightforward Sagittarius. Make sure that you speak with tact during this powerful transit. Retreat into your crab shell a little further starting 18th June, when inner growth-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer. Take the time to heal, and celebrate your gifts as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Take a break from your solitude starting 20th June as the abundance-loving Sun lights up your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance. Get your glow on and enjoy the attention that comes your way — this transit is terrific for lifting your mood, and drawing people to you. On 25th June, domestic-ruling Venus moves direct in Gemini. This energy will drive you to use your creative juices on some beautiful new projects. You'll be ready to tap into your competitive side at work starting 27th June when career-ruling Mars enters feisty Aries. Remember to keep it friendly, and use your newfound confidence for good.

23rd July to 22nd August

Be kind to yourself, Leo. The Moon waxes into a Lunar Eclipse in energetic Sagittarius on 5th June, magnifying emotions. Make sure that you're expressing your feelings to loved ones in a healthy way, and practice active listening during this intense transit. Enjoy organising your belongings on 18th June, when materialistic Mercury stations retrograde in sentimental Cancer. Appreciate what you have during this transit, and avoid accumulating more things as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Get ready to do some soul-searching starting 20th June, when the ruling Sun highlights your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion. You're ready to connect with your spiritual side as the Sun moves through this transformative house. On 21st June, the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer creates space for you to set an intention to open your heart to new possibilities. This super-charged new Moon will encourage you to take your relationships to a new level, helping you to become more accountable. You're re-invigorated to get things going at work starting 25th June, when career-ruling Venus stations direct in communicative Gemini. Tap into your natural talent for leadership and steer the ship forward.

23rd August to 22nd September

You've got the chance to be truly honest, Virgo. Work on your communication skills as the Moon waxes into a Lunar Eclipse in optimistic Sagittarius on 5th June. Your feedback is valuable, but make sure that it doesn't fall on deaf ears by working on your delivery. Allow yourself to take a break at work starting 18th June, when career-minded Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer. Lean on others, and reach out for support as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Are you yearning to reconnect with friends? Find a safe way to hang out with them on 20th June, when the Sun brightens your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals. You could also be inspired to collaborate on a project that helps others to heal. Consider how you'd like to grow on 21st June, during the Solar Eclipse in sensitive Cancer. Use this powerful transit to think about how you'd like to be seen and invest in how you can love yourself more fully. Money-minded Venus stations direct in intelligent Gemini on 25th June, helping you to understand your finances better, and go after your goals. Don't be afraid to ask for help during this transit. 

23rd September to 22nd October

You're ready to take on the world, Libra. Enjoy a new sense of confidence in your work on 5th June, as the career-ruling moon waxes into a Lunar Eclipse in driven Sagittarius. People who look up to you may reach out for guidance. Make sure that you've got the bandwidth to assist before signing on. Your star brightens starting 20th June as the Sun lights up your 10th house of career, structure, and public image. This is a great transit for polishing your image and topping up your resume with your latest accomplishments. Work is steadily on your mind on 21st June as the Solar Eclipse in Cancer arrives. Use this transit to meditate on where you'd like to grow, and how you'd like to help others. Reality starts to sink in on 23rd June, as routine-ruling Neptune stations retrograde in receptive Pisces. When the planet of dreams and illusions moves in reverse, he takes away a veil of fantasy and helps us to become more responsible for ourselves. You're blessed with a new sense of ambition starting 25th June when ruling Venus moves direct in chatty Gemini. Don't be afraid to pipe up and ask questions — make your voice heard.

23rd October to 21st November

Get ready to open up, Scorpio. You're ready to share your thoughts and goals with others on 5th June during the Lunar Eclipse in dynamic Sagittarius. Be prepared to accept a little honesty from others, as we'll all be feeling this intense transit. Allow yourself to evolve starting 20th June when the career-ruling Sun highlights your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief. You could have an eye-opening experience that sets you down a different path. Welcome unexpected changes that come your way. Slow down and contemplate a long-term goal you'd like to achieve on 21st June upon the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This transit can help you to centre yourself and create a new path. Embrace your vulnerability starting 25th June, when affectionate Venus stations direct in communicative Gemini. If you're in a relationship, it will be easier to discuss your needs with your partner and love more honestly. Single Scorpios will enjoy this energy by getting their flirt on, and expanding their dating pool. 

22nd November to 21st December

Celebrate your honesty, Sagittarius. You're ready to share your progressive perspective with others as the Moon waxes full into a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 5th June. You may need to work a little harder to be patient, as this energy ignites our spirits — we all want to be heard. Take some time to yourself for healing starting June 18, as ambitious Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer. Take a page out of the Crab's book, and enjoy nesting as you decrease your energy. Protect yourself, and you'll come out of this retrograde feeling refreshed as the messenger planet stations direct in Cancer on 12th July. You're about to engage in a transformation, prepare to adopt a new perspective starting 20th June when the Sun illuminates your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change. If you're feeling strained, reach out for support and ride the wave. Take time to meditate on how you'd like to achieve harmony on 21st June upon the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This powerful new Moon offers you the chance to create change from within. Ready to smell the roses again? Routine-ruling Venus stations direct in playful Gemini on 25th June, bringing back joy into your daily schedule. 

22nd December to 19th January

Open up, Capricorn. Work to make your emotions known on 5th June as the love-ruling Moon waxes full into a Lunar Eclipse in open-minded Sagittarius. If you're in a relationship, this transit could unearth some hidden feelings, so do your best to speak with kindness. Single Capricorns could experience an intense realisation about themselves; use this transit to work through your emotions. Decrease your output starting 18th June, as routine-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in nurturing Cancer. Make time for rest, and enjoy healing your spirit as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Find time to reach out to work friends and colleagues starting 20th June, as the Sun lights up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. We're moving through a different world, and we need to do it together. Rejuvenate your compassionate spirit on 21st June and set an intention to heal yourself during the Solar Eclipse in intuitive Cancer. Reclaim your power starting 25th June, as career-ruling Venus stations direct in inquisitive Gemini. Gather your learnings from when she was retrograde, and come to the table stronger and wiser. 

20th January to 18th February

Manage your expectations, Aquarius. You may feel torn between your passions and your responsibilities on 5th June, as the Moon waxes full into a Lunar Eclipse in optimistic Sagittarius. Make sure that you're aware of what your loved ones are capable of, and lend help when it's asked for. You're able to even out your routine starting June 20, as the love-ruling Sun highlights your 6th house of health, order, and service. Enjoy giving back to your community, and getting creative with new recipes that support your wellness. Take a moment to ruminate on how you'd like to grow on 21st June upon the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in imaginative Cancer. Ready to get to know your finances better? Money-minded Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces on 23rd June, revealing blind spots in your budget. Use this transit to put away fantasies and get acquainted with reality. Bring beauty back into your home starting on 25th June, as domestic-ruling Venus stations direct in Gemini. Get advice from friends and family as you switch up your surroundings.

19th February to 20th March

You're bursting with brilliant new ideas, Pisces. Let your daily life inspire you as you create something beautiful on 5th June, coinciding with the arrival of the Lunar Eclipse in clever Sagittarius. Conserve your energy starting 18th June, as Affectionate Mercury stations retrograde in emotional Cancer. Carve out time in your day to gain mental clarity, and enjoy quiet time as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Nurture your inner artist starting 20th June, as the routine-ruling Sun brightens your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. This beautiful transit also encourages you to enjoy flirting with new people or, if you’re attached, to sweep your partner off their feet. Practice thankfulness as the Sun lights up your days. You may feel a little less enchanted by the world starting 23rd June, as ruling Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces. A veil is lifted when Neptune moves in reverse, encouraging us to confront our realities. Use this transit to strengthen your spirit and gain confidence. You could be inspired to start a side-hustle starting 27th June, as money-minded Mars speeds into ambitious Aries. Flex your skills.

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