Juliet Stevenson 'to marry partner Hugh Brody'

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Juliet Stevenson credit:Bang Showbiz
Juliet Stevenson credit:Bang Showbiz

Juliet Stevenson is to marry her partner of nearly 30 years.

The 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' actress will wed anthropologist Hugh Brody, 78, who she has been with since 1993.

She is quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper's Eden Confidential column as saying: "I want to stand up in front of the world, even if there are only six people in the room, and say, 'This is my person, and we've been through a huge amount, and I love him more than ever.' "

It comes after the couple suffered tragedy in November last when the 64-year-old star's stepson, Hugh's documentary film-maker son, Tomo Brody died suddenly aged 37.

The 'Mona Lisa Smile' star admitted it was tough that her family were not "able to mourn together" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in April, she said: "Tomo was one of the most beautiful human beings who ever walked the Earth.

"He was incapable of lying. And he was amazingly good at love. Losing a child, it’s so frightening.

"So much of the year has been about survival, the whole country watching these terrible statistics nightly on the news. But the young people were supposed to be OK.

"We’re a joyous family, full of humour. And it’s been so strange, this identity of being a tragic family.

"Not being able to mourn together, it was like 'Alice in Wonderland' or something.

"We’d fallen down some rabbit hole and everything was just wrong. The truth is that when you get a shock like that, when you get lost like that, you just stagger from moment to moment."

And the 'Bend It Like Beckham' actress - who has two children, Rosalind, 27, and Gabriel, 20 with Hugh - hinted earlier this year she could marry her significant other in the future.

She said: "Same-sex marriage has reformed the institution, hasn’t it? I mean, I’m ridiculously soppy about him. And it would be amazing to say that to the world. So why not?”

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