Julia Roberts saved from deadly creature while filming Ticket to Paradise

Julia Roberts almost touched deadly creature credit:Bang Showbiz
Julia Roberts almost touched deadly creature credit:Bang Showbiz

Julia Roberts nearly touched something that could have "killed" her while filming 'Ticket to Paradise' Down Under.

The 54-year-old actress reunited with close pal and co-star George Clooney on the rom-com, and she has revealed she had a close call when she went to touch what she thought was a seashell in Australia.

She told Best UK: "Everything out there is trying to kill you!

"I went to touch something I thought was a seashell and someone said, 'No! Don't touch it, it's something that will actually kill you...'

"More like ticket to the hospital than ticket to paradise."

Clooney, 61, said: "Even the jellyfish!

"You get in the water and it'll kill ya."

The Hollywood icon admitted he jumped at the chance to work with the "queen of rom-coms" Julia on the film, and couldn't have done the flick without her.

They play divorced couple David and Georgia, who are forced to come together to save their daughter from getting married to a Bali local.

He quipped: "I really wanted to be able to work with the queen of rom-coms... but she couldn't make it, so I got Julia instead."

Clooney said: "I read the script and I knew it would only work if Julia was onboard - and luckily, it all worked out!"

The quick-witted movie star joked: "It's fun to work with friends ... and Julia."

'Notting Hill' star Julia agreed: "We know each other pretty well, it's so easy."

The pair first worked together on 2001's 'Ocean's Eleven'.