Julia Roberts Just Cut Her Signature Long Waves Into A Warm Blonde Lob Haircut

julia roberts blonde hair
Julia Roberts Debuts 'Sunflower Blonde' HairGetty Images

Since she graced our screens as Vivian in the iconic Pretty Woman film, Julia Roberts has been synonymous with three things: a beautiful smile, wide doe eyes and her long, voluminous auburn curls. Rarely veering away from her signature hue, the actor turned heads this week not only debuting a warm blonde colour refresh but also stepping out with a curly lob haircut.

Roberts has seldom experimented with the length and colour of her hair in recent years. While in the nineties, there were pixie cuts, feathered layers and even bobs, and back in 2021, she added softer, honey-toned highlights to her hair colour portfolio, more recently, Roberts has stuck to a signature style favouring extra-long waves, a middle part and chestnut lengths.

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By far her blondest hairstyle to date, Roberts' new 'do is reminiscent of a growing trend which, according hair trend forecaster and expert Tom Smith, is set to dominate with the warmer climes on the horizon. 'Warmer and golden blonde tones have been steadily growing traction as blondes want a bit of the "glow" that copper and red hair offers,' he shares.

Smith has coined the colour 'sunflower blonde' to describe a warmer-toned blonde that sings summer. 'Sunflower Blonde is the perfect summery blonde shade and a true "golden hour" hue,' he shares. Following on from Spring's 'syrup blonde’, and the more recent 'dream blonde', he describes it as a glowier, glossier and more joyful blonde which can be achieved via highlights or full colour on deeper bases. 'The tones are entirely golden with areal focus on shine and vibrancy,' he adds.

Roberts isn't the only one turning to blonde this summer. Dua Lipa, Zendaya and Rihanna have all been eschewing their former darker tresses in favour of lighter, warmer tones. The only caveat is the upkeep. 'Health and shine is crucial for the success of this look, so using regular conditioning treatments and bond builders will help to maintain the glow of the hair,' shares Smith.

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'Have your hairstylist use an intense gold toner after your usual blonding appointment to try this shade out if you’re already blonde,' he advises. 'If your hair is darker and you want to give this a go, it's surprisingly easy to achieve as darker hair tends to lift with warm and golden tones anyway,' he adds.

Adding sunflower blonde to our summer moodboard, stat...

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