Julia Louis-Dreyfus praises 'dynamite' son Charlie Hall's work in 'racy' drama

Julia Louis-Dreyfus enjoys watching her son on TV credit:Bang Showbiz
Julia Louis-Dreyfus enjoys watching her son on TV credit:Bang Showbiz

Julia Louis-Dreyfus enjoyed her son's "dynamite" performance in 'Sex Lives of College Girls'.

The 62-year-old actress confirmed she tunes in to watch 25-year-old Charlie Hall - her youngest son with husband Brad Hall - portray Andrew in the "racy" drama series and found his performance "adorable".

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', the host noted: "That's a racy show."

Julia - who also has Henry, 30, with her spouse - said: "It's a very racy show.

"I did watch the show and I think he was, you know, really great. He was adorable. He was f****** some girl in the library and I thought it was dynamite."

Jimmy quipped: “It makes you feel good about teaching him how to read, right?”

His guest laughed: “Totally."

The former 'Veep' actress isn't the only famous family member of the cast to watch the programme.

Pauline Chalamet - who plays Kimberly - recently revealed her brother Timothee Chalamet tunes in to the HBO drama with their parents, but she won't be sitting down to watch with the 'Call Me By Your Name' actor or the rest of their family.

She said: "My brother loves it. You'll have to get the story from him, because I believe he did watch it with one of my parents. So that is that.

"No, I don't watch this with my parents. Are you kidding?"

But the 30-year-old star is happy the show has been a hit.

She said: "That's when you're like whoa, I'm on something that people watch."

Meanwhile, Pauline's co-star Amrit Kaur, who plays Bela, gave her parents a list of episodes she was happy to watch with them, and they were only the ones in which she remained fully clothed, though she's happy for them to watch the rest of the season without her there.

Amrit said: "They wanted to know. It's like, 'Okay, I'm going to be honest, those ones have that. If you choose to see your daughter in that way, please not while I'm there.'"