Julia Fox says she’ll ‘sue’ if she sees another anti-ageing product: ‘Getting old is f***ing hot, OK?’

Julia Fox has railed against anti-ageing products and declared that “ageing is fully in”.

The Uncut Gems star took to her TikTok to rant about the pressure women face to continue looking youthful as they get older, posting four videos about the topic.

She claimed she would “sue” if she sees more products with anti-ageing claims on the label, adding: “I’m going to sue because I’m going to age regardless of if I put that f***ing US$500 serum on my face, and you all f***ing know it!”

Fox, 32, continued: “And we know it so let’s stop lying to ourselves, getting old is f***ing hot, OK? It is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your twenties if the f***ing trenches, OK? And I’m not going back there.”

The actor recalled being so upset about her 27th birthday in 2017 that she spent the day in bed crying because she could no longer says she was in her mid-twenties.

She told her 2.5m TikTok followers: “This is how deep this s*** is for women… In the entertainment industry, 30 is f***ing considered old.

“My BFF Harmony, God rest her soul, came and flew in to see me because she knew I’d be taking it really hard. My friends tried to come in my room with candles and cupcakes and s***, and I literally was like, ‘Get the f*** out! I told you we’re not celebrating! There’s nothing to celebrate!’

“I was such a tyrant about it because I wanted the day to pass and just have it be… I was like, ‘Don’t post. I don’t want to draw attention to the fact that I’m 27. I just want it to pass by like any other day’,” Fox continued.

She revealed that her friend Harmony had died and would “not even… have the privilege of getting older”.

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“So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?” the actor questioned.

Fox’s comments come after she debuted slicked back grey hair at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday 7 November.

She appeared at the event with silver ear cuffs and bleached eyebrows, and wore a black gown with dramatic cut-outs that revealed a black bandeau top and black knickers.

Her grey hair was a “love letter to getting older”, she explained, adding: “We’re embracing getting older.”