Julia Fox hasn't spoken to Kanye West in 'nearly a year'

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Julia Fox hasn't spoken to Kanye West in "nearly" a year.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday, host Andy asked the Uncut Gems actress whether she has heard from the controversial rapper after they parted ways following a brief relationship in January 2022.

"I have not talked to Kanye in almost a year and I have been in the same room as Kim but we've never spoken about anything," she replied.

Andy also questioned Julia over whether she and Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian were "cordial" when they attended the same event.

"It was a very big room so I was here and she was here," the actress continued.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Julia joked that she and Kanye were only together for a "minute" and that he probably didn't even know her full name.

Andy also asked if the star was ever "Kanye's dominatrix", to which she simply said no.

"I think he would have liked that, but it just never got there," Julia explained.

The 32-year-old worked as a dominatrix before she pursued an acting career.