Julia Fox is an actual centaur in her newest bikini Instagram (yes, really)

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Photo credit: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

There's never a dull day in Julia Fox's wardrobe, which is just one reason why I'm low-key obsessed with her. From cutouts so daring that her outfits are more like bikinis, to wearing a coat that was LITERALLY ON FIRE (yes, really), Julia doesn't do things in halves. And, well, she's gone and done it again. While our Instagram feeds are currently awash with celebrity bikini pics at various FOMO-inducing holiday destinations, Jules has just dropped a truly unique spin on the ol' bikini 'gram. So what makes it unique, you ask? Well, I'm just going to say it: she's half-centaur.

Now, any Harry Potter fan worth their salt is familiar with centaurs - they're spiritual creatures that are half-horse, half-human. More specifically, the beings have the legs of a horse but the neck is swapped for a human torso. Anyway, mythological lesson aside, you really have to see Julia's post to believe it.

In the snap, the model's sporting the upside-down bikini trend, teamed with a pair of low-rise trousers, hectic sunglasses and matching boots. Behind her, you can see she's got some trippy Photoshop situation going on, with a horse's body, two extra legs, and a tail billowing in the wind.

It's her caption though that really does it for me, simply reading "Sleigh (edit by @mihailo.sopic )".

Sleigh indeed.

"Omg I love 😍😂🔥" commented Christine Quinn, and fans had similar thoughts on the pic, adding:




MIHAILO, the digital creator tagged in Julia's post, also responded, writing "I’m dead ⚰️ thanks Julia, always a pleasure editing you. 💖"

So there you have it, another wonderful day in Julia's wardrobe.

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