Julia Bradbury takes step 'backwards' in mastectomy recovery

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  • Julia Bradbury
    English television presenter
Julia Bradbury had a mastectomy last month credit:Bang Showbiz
Julia Bradbury had a mastectomy last month credit:Bang Showbiz

Julia Bradbury fears she has gone "backwards" in her battle with breast cancer. 

The 51-year-old presenter underwent a "brutal" mastectomy last month and though she had been feeling "better and stronger", the last few days have seen her recovery slow down after she contracted a bug. 

She said in a video shared to Twitter: "Hi everybody. I'm back in my pyjamas today. I've sort of gone backwards this week. 

"I've been feeling better and stronger every week since my op but this week I've got really flu-ey symptoms. 

"I've done a covid test and that's come back negative. I'm really phlegm-ey and cough-ey and chesty." 

The 'Countryfile' presenter insisted getting outside was vital for her, however brief. 

She added: "All I really want to do to stay in bed but I have forced myself just to come outside and just get just 20 minutes out here. 

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"Because I know it's going to be good and fill my lungs with some good air. And sometimes you just gotta push through a bit. 

"Then I'm gonna go back to back. I hope you having a good weekend and sending lot's of love. Hope you're all getting your outdoor time." 

And in a caption to her post, Julia explained the benefits to mental health of being outdoors. 

She wrote: "Many of us live fast-paced urban lives; long working days, long crowded commutes. 

"There are so many pressures that affect our mental health. 

"That's why it's worth making time for nature, even when things get busy & other priorities feel more important." 

Julia revealed in September she had been diagnosed with cancer. 

She said: "It changes your world forever in an instant. 

"There is no preparing you for those words. You hear 'cancer' and your brain starts to explode." 

The 51-year-old presenter - who has children Zeph, 10, and twins Zena and Xanthe, six, with husband Gerard Cunningham - found a lump in her breast last year which proved to be a benign cluster of cysts, but she had to have another mammogram this year and though that didn't return anything unusual, doctors found a shadow at her follow-up appointment. 

She recalled: "Suddenly I was lying down on my side with my back braced against a pillow having a machine like a hole punch taking lumps out of my breast."

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