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Joy Crookes: What you don't know about me Hearst Owned

Joy Crookes is an over-thinker. “What makes me happiest is not thinking, just being,” she smiles. “And it’s really hard to be in that state all the time.” Crookes has, admittedly, quite a lot to think about. The Brit Award-nominated and Mercury Prize-shortlisted singer and songwriter is a London born-and-raised star on the ascent. At only 23, and with one album under her belt (2021's cult hit Skin) she has had a remarkable career to date, and an especially successful last year; not least a performance at Glastonbury this summer.

“The career moment that changed my life was playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury,” she agrees. “It was such a monumental moment in my career and I don’t think I will ever be the same again.”

It is unsurprising to hear that Crookes is in high demand. “My party trick is not knowing when to go home,” she laughs. This probably explains her simple key to battling burnout: “The best career advice I’ve ever received is to say 'no' more.” If she ever decided to say no completely, Crookes says she would pack it all in to be a food critic, though her remit may be a little specific. “My favourite food is anything made by an auntie,” she laughs.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexus
Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexus

Injustice – small or large – is what she says makes her the angriest, and her compassion for a fairer existence extends to her desire to live a sustainable life. It is why she has become an ambassador for the Lexus UX, the car company's revolutionary hybrid electric SUV. Her hit song Feet Don't Fail Me Now, soundtracks the car's new advertising campaign, and she has collaborated on a series of videos for the brand. “Creativity in all forms gives me energy and inspiration," she says. "Working on the new UX campaign, I’ve seen first-hand Lexus’ commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. I’m always striving to express myself – I’m fortunate to be able to do that through my music, fashion, and art, and I am thankful that Lexus provided a new platform for me to do just that.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexus
Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexus

“Sustainability is a really important thing to me,” she continues. “Its why I drive a hybrid car, the Lexus UX. I also have a Green Rider on tour, which means that I don’t use any single-use plastic.” These principles clearly determine which brands Crookes wishes to work with. “I usually love working with brands that are ethical, sustainable, and give me energy to be inspired."

But her ultimate green-conscious tip? “Oh, an amazing way to be sustainable is to get rid of toxic people in your life as well. You know, sustainability is longevity of life, and I think I’m doing well with that…”

Watch our full video interview with Crookes above.

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