Joy Behar is staying on The View for the money

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Joy Behar on why she plans to stay at The View credit:Bang Showbiz
Joy Behar on why she plans to stay at The View credit:Bang Showbiz

Joy Behar is staying on 'The View' for "the money."

The 79-year-old TV host - who has appeared on the ABC talk show since its inception back in 1997 - was asked what her main motivation was to stay on the show for so long and explained that it is down to both financial and locational logistics.

She said: "Money! And also geography. I live right close by. Listen, I’ve been here for 25 years -- and I’ve had a self-imposed hiatus for two, I just want to point that out -- but I was here for most of the time, so [the new co-hosts] know what to expect from me. I’m me, I’m Joy. People know me, they expect the same thing they're getting again and again and again."

Meanwhile, Republican party member and former White House member Alyssa Farah has recently joined the panel, and Joy predicted that she is "going to do very well" and advised that being on the show is like being on a "volleyball "team.

Joy told ETOnline: ""Alyssa has got a whole different personality. I think it will be smoother, frankly," Behar admits. "I think this girl is going to do very well -- I call her girl because she's only 32 years old.

"This show is a volleyball game, it's not a golf game. If you know to hit the ball and wait for it to come back to you, you'll be fine. That's the only advice I ever give anybody!"

Back in 2013, Joy was temporarily "let go" from her role on 'The View' and - although she returned in 2015 - recently explained why she was glad to take an enforced break.

She said: "I was glad to be fired. I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason, I don’t even remember why."

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