Joy Behar defends Pride-themed nutcracker against Fox News, says host can 'put his nut in there and squeeze it'

"Does Fox News understand that not every human being is heterosexual and caucasian?" she asked.

Joy Behar is calling out Fox News host Jesse Watters and his “dirty mind” after he criticized Target’s new line of inclusive holiday decorations that features a Pride-themed nutcracker. 

During Friday’s episode of The View, a clip from Fox’s Jesse Watters Primetime was shown in which Watters called out the company for selling a “gay nutcracker” and a Black Santa doll who uses a wheelchair.

“You know I realize it’s a complex idea to get your mind around, Mr. Watters, but does Fox News understand that not every human being is heterosexual and caucasian?” Behar asked. “I don’t think they see that!”

Behar then held up the nutcracker, which wears rainbow-colored clothing and holds a Pride flag, and placed the holiday knickknack on the Hot Topics table. “This is the culprit right here!” she declared. “This is the offensive rainbow flag.”

<p>ABC</p> Joy Behar on 'The View'


Joy Behar on 'The View'

Showing off how the doll works, Behar put her finger in its mouth and remarked, “You put your nut in there.” Then, seemingly referencing Watters, she added, “He could put his nut in there and squeeze it.” 

“That orifice may be a little too big,” Ana Navarro jokingly added, causing Behar to burst into laughter. 

Sunny Hostin explained that Santa Claus is a “mythical, magical creature” and “can be anything that you want” him to be, sharing snapshots of the Black Santa Claus dolls in her home. Similarly, Navarro shared an image that her friend recently posted on social media of a Cuban Santa Claus. 

“I’ve seen Hillbilly Santa, I’ve seen Santa in Hawaiian shirts, nobody takes issue with that, they take issue with the Black one, they take issue with the gay one,” Navarro said. “I don't know when Republicans are going to wake up to the idea that manufactured culture wars against transgender, against LGBTQ, against books, against history, against Mickey Mouse, are not going to win anything for them."

Alyssa Farah Griffin also noted that there’s a “simple solution” to Fox News’ problem with the dolls. “If you don’t, for whatever reason, want a gay nutcracker, you don’t have to buy one,” she said. “No one’s making you do that.”

The former White House staffer acknowledged that she grew up in a “War on Christmas family” that took offense at the use of terms like happy holidays, but that her viewpoint changed when “half my best friends were Jewish, half were Muslim, and you realize it’s just an inclusive term that involves everyone.”

Sara Haines added that she believed some of the backlash comes from people who are “misinformed through their faith” as well. “Gay people have always been here. They’re not increasing; they finally are safe to come out of a closet,” she said.

When Behar questioned if they are safe, Haines added, “You could argue, but the point is it’s not the increase, it’s the fact that society has caught up with reflecting its people and we’re doing a better job.”

Behar returned to the nutcracker — which her cohosts called "adorable" — at the end of the segment. “First of all, it’s just a doll, we’ve seen it many times, the only thing that’s supposedly gay is this flag,” she said. “So Jesse Watters, you have a very dirty mind. ‘Cause you’re thinking it’s about sex: it’s just about Pride.”

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