Jourdan Dunn Shows Karlie Kloss 'The Real Harlem Shake' Backstage At Burberry: VIDEO

Have you tried the Harlem Shake yet? You know the newest dance craze taking London Fashion Week by storm. It's Autumn 2013's Gangham Style, as perfectly demonstrated by Cara, Jourdan and Rosie Tapner backstage at Topshop Unique. Well Jourdan has been Harlem shaking again - this time with Karlie Kloss after the Burberry show.

Jourdan has some strong opinions on this dance move, as she says this isn't the REAL Harlem Shake. She then did a fun little shoulder-shakin' demo for Karlie Kloss and explained: 'It’s all in the shoulder like that, that’s the real Harlem Shake, not this rubbish. Sorry whoever made.... It’s not rubbish... it’s just not the real one.' Don't feel too bad Jourds, Karlie agrees as she said: 'It is rubbish.' We're not going to catch Karlie Harlem Shaking her way over to Milan then.

So why was Jourdan doing the new imposter Harlem Shake backstage at Toppers Unique? Although she looked like the pro in the video, dancing solo before Cara Delevingne and Rosie Tapner join in Harlem Shake'in,' she says she had only learnt this new move at Unique. 'I learned the Harlem Shake as a different dance, like it’s actually an old dance. Then I saw everyone taking these videos and I was like this isn’t the Harlem Shake that I know. So yesterday that’s how I learnt to do the new Harlem Shake, but it’s not really the Harlem Shake.'

Now do you reckon it'll spread as far as Gangham? It's already been done by models, the Norwegian Armed forces, the animals at Sea World and even underwater by the University of Georgia's swimming and diving team, but can it be the most watched YouTube craze and knock off Gangham from the top spot? The song is at number 2 in the charts and YouTube estimates that by the end of last week over 40,000 versions had been added and that they have been watched a mahoosive 175 million times. The first video was only uploaded on the 2 February so it could be in with a chance of beating Gangham.

Now compare Jourdan's 'original' Harlem Shake with the new one, by watching Cara Delevingne, Rosie Tapner and Jourdan Dunn try out the new version backstage at Topshop yesterday in the video below...


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