Josie Gibson shares rare video of son Reggie, 5, as she says she's 'proud' of him

Josie Gibson and Reggie
-Credit: (Image: Josie Gibson)

Our favourite This Morning regular, Josie Gibson, has shared a heartwarming video on social media of her son Reggie picking up rubbish from the street. Speaking to her young son whilst keeping pace with him as he cycles along she says, "Mummy is so proud of you because I didn't ask you to do that, but what did you just do?", and little Reggie proudly replies, "I picked up the rubbish, on the floor."

Inquisitive, Josie then presses him further asking, "And you put it in the bin? Why? " To which Reggie flashes his innocence explaining that it wasn't right to litter.

TV host Josie has expressed her adoration for her son Reggies's simple yet impactful gesture towards saving our planet. The enduring bond between the mother and son shines bright despite Josie's split from Terry, Reggie's father, when he was still a baby.

Josie's son, Reggie
Josie revealed how 'proud' she is of her son on social media -Credit:Instagram/Josie Gibson

Reminiscing about her journey as a single parent during an interview on Loose Women after Reggie's birth, she reveals her feelings of sadness over the separation. She expressed: "It's not what I wanted to come back and say. I was so proud of our family unit and that we'd done it properly, but yeah I'm a single parent. It's devastating really."

Sharing her experience of raising Reggie-James on her own, Josie acknowledged: "It is stressful being a single player but sometimes it's easier working on your own and not having someone against you.".

Chatting about her breakup, she confessed: "I was panicked over the thought of doing it all on my own, but you get this inner strength and you've just gotta get on with it, you've got no choice."

The telly star also took part in I'm A Celebrity but found being separated from her young lad quite tough.

She admitted to feeling guilty and pledged never to be away from him for such a long stretch again.

Josie Gibson in tears
Josie Gibson was in tears after Danielle Harold promised to send a message to Reggie when she left the I'm A Celeb jungle -Credit:ITV

Danielle Harold, EastEnders actress, heard Josie sobbing on the reality series and went over to see how she's doing. Tearful Josie let out: "I just miss my little boy. I shouldn't have ever left him this long."

Understanding Danielle reassured her: "100 per cent you should, you're showing him that you're a strong mum, strong woman. So proud of you babe" and later consoled Josie by dubbing her the "best mum".

Subsequently, in the Bush Telegraph, Josie owned up: "Just had a little wobble. You just feel very guilty. I'll never leave him this long again, ever."

Josie Gibson and son
The presenter and her close friend Mia jetted out to Florida for the half-term -Credit:Instagram/Josie Gibson

In April 2024, Josie and Reggie jetted off to the States for some time away, and were joined by her close pal, Mia Dora Williams, and her little boy. The two youngsters were clearly thrilled to be exploring Universal Studios.

In the photos, the pair had a ball at the water park and stayed right in the heart of the theme park too.

Josie also teased her followers with an Instagram post showing her boarding a helicopter, promising to spill the beans on some big news too. She excitedly captioned her post: "What an incredible few days! ! ! I will tell you all about it soon! ! ! Love GIBBO."