Joshua Jackson appointed interim CEO at Liquid Media Group

Joshua Jackson has been named interim CEO at his production company credit:Bang Showbiz
Joshua Jackson has been named interim CEO at his production company credit:Bang Showbiz

Joshua Jackson has been appointed interim CEO of Liquid Media Group.

The 44-year-old actor co-founded the production company - which works with independent producers and content creators - and currently serves as chairman of the board, but will also be taking on a new position with the firm while they search for a permanent CEO following last month's resignation of Ron Thomson.

Joshua said in a statement: “Liquid Media Group grew from my vision of what this company could do to help grow the independent film and television industry. Liquid’s successful acquisitions and ability to have a banner year for revenue growth, despite the current economic conditions, got me very excited to commit more time to management.

"While we are actively looking for a permanent CEO with the public market skills required to steer Liquid to higher growth, I’m more than happy to take on this role as long as necessary.”

Within the next few months, the company are planning to launch a filmmaker-first, business-to-business distribution platform called Projektor, which they plan will offer more autonomy and data transparency than current distribution models.

Meanwhile, the former 'Dawson's Creek' star recently admitted he feels "lucky" to have avoided the pitfalls of fame.

He said: "Fame is notoriety, but it’s also access, and that can lead to some pretty dark places.

"I was very lucky to have a life outside of my work that was in my hometown in Vancouver. It readjusted me very quickly into a social environment that not necessarily needed to knock me down a peg, but was willing to [both] celebrate my success, and tell me that I couldn’t get away with those more toxic traits."

But Joshua admitted that, at times, his friends have needed to caution him about his behaviour.

He added: "A good friend will tell you when you’re being an a******, or when you’re doing something wrong.

"Somebody who truly loves you will go through the discomfort of saying, ‘Look, man, this is terrible, you drink too much.’ I’ve had plenty of those conversations in my life. Like, ‘We’re not teenagers anymore. You’ve got to stop.'"