Josh Hutcherson Reveals He Lost Out on ‘Home Alone’ Role

Josh Hutcherson has starred in some memorable projects since starting in the industry as a child, but there’s one role he lost out on that might surprise fans.

During a recent interview with BuzzFeed, the actor revealed he auditioned for one of the Home Alone films when he was younger.

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“I was probably 11, I think, when I auditioned for it,” the Five Nights at Freddy’s actor recalled. “It got down to me and the other guy. That was the first time that I tasted rejection, so that was really hard.”

Though Hutcherson didn’t share what installment in the Home Alone franchise he auditioned for, based on the timeline, it would have been one of the newer films. Since the first two movies that Macaulay Culkin is most known for were released in 1990 and 1992, right around when Hutcherson was born.

As for the other installments, Alex D. Linz starred in 1997’s Home Alone 3, Mike Weinberg led 2002’s Home Alone 4, Christian Martyn starred in 2012’s Home Alone: The Holiday Heist and Archie Yates led 2021’s Home Sweet Home Alone.

Hutcherson went on to score roles in several other projects as a child, including RV, Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth and more. He also reached a new level of fame with his role as Peeta in the Hunger Games franchise.

Elsewhere in the interview, when asked if he still keeps in touch with his Hunger Games co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, he said they still find time to get together despite their busy work schedules.

“They’re still near and dear to me,” The Beekeeper actor added.

He also later noted that he “would go back to Peeta in a heartbeat,” and relive the “whole Hunger Games experience again” if he could.

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