After Josh Gad Went Viral On TikTok For Giving A Hilarious Tour On Disneyland Railroad, And I Have An A+ Idea For Which Ride He Should Narrate Next

 Josh Gad on the Disneyland Railroad.
Josh Gad on the Disneyland Railroad.

Josh Gad loves Disney as much as your average Disney Adult. The man is the voice of Olaf, the live-action Le Fou, and even the narrator of a Disney+ animal show. Gad is a certified Disney Legend, so it’s know wonder that when he arrives at Disneyland he’s just allowed to narrate attractions, whether or not those attractions actually have narrators.

Josh Gad Has Now Narrated His Second Disneyland Attraction

Previously Josh Gad took a spin as a Jungle Cruise skipper, providing his own versions of the hilarious Jungle Cruise puns as only the World Famous Jungle Cruise skippers can do. The video of that from Disney Parks went viral, so clearly there was a lot of interest in it. This would seem to be why Gad has returned to the Happiest Place on Earth, and this time on TikTok he’s been given the task of narrating the Disneyland Railroad. There normally isn’t a hilarious running commentary on this ride, but perhaps, after seeing Josh Gad do it, there should be.

Fans clearly love to see Josh Gad narrate Disneyland rides. More than one comment calls the actor a “national treasure” and many are hoping that this second narration is part of a new running gag that will see Gad narrate more rides at Disneyland or do other cast member jobs. It’s certainly not a terrible idea.

Considering that we know how well Josh Gad can sing, I think letting him join the Dapper Dans would be amazing. Alternatively, he could just be the funniest churro seller you ever saw. But if we’re going to let Josh Gad narrate more Disneyland rides there’s one that just needs to happen.

Make Josh Gad The Ghost Host On The Haunted Mansion

While I’m pretty sure that Josh Gad would make any Disneyland ride more fun, adding him as a narrator would be difficult for a lot of rides, that are either too short, too fast, or would interfere with the attraction itself if a narrator was added, but there’s one place adding a narrator would be easy, the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion is already a guided tour, with the Ghost Host taking you through the experience as the disembodied voice talks you through the Omnimover ride. It would be the easiest thing in the world to let Josh Gad record his own version and to surprise guests on the best Disneyland attraction when they hear the voice of Olaf and not Paul Frees.

I know a lot of purists would hate this idea, but I’m not saying this is something that should be done long-term. As with the other Josh Gad narrations, where a handful of guests got to experience this in reality, and the rest of us got to see the highlights, cameras can catch the reactions of guests surprised to hear Josh Gad, and after it’s done for a few people, things can go back to business as usual.

Of course, right now Josh Gad can't narrate the Haunted Mansion as the attraction is closed at Disneyland due to a massive external queue redesign. The Disneyland Railroad Josh Gad was on also didn't make a stop at New Orleans Square for the same reason. At this point, we don't know when the Haunted Mansion could reopen. Maybe, once all the work in that area is done, Gad can return for his next park narration.